Dr. Richard Eisner’s Lasik Surgery Testimonials

These are just a few of the many testimonials from Dr. Eisner’s satisfied patients. See how their lives were changed for the better after undergoing LASIK surgery with Dr. Eisner.


"Amazing improvement" is what Oyemon had to say about his LASIK procedure. Call us today so you can enjoy the freedom from glasses and contacts like Oyemon!

It's amazing results already. I see probably ten times better than before.


Meet Amanda and her dad Sam who came in last week and had surgery together. On their day after post-op visit, this is what they had to say about Dr. Eisner & his staff!

I woke up this morning and could see the t.v. without eyeglasses or contacts.


John recommends LASIK for everyone. Listen to his testimonial!

My eyes are a lot better today and I recommend it for anybody.


Alyssa was full of excitement following her LASIK procedure. Just listen!

This morning I woke up being able to see everything. It's almost a miracle.


Robert had some words of advice for anyone thinking about LASIK. Just listen!

It is a fantastic procedure. If you're thinking about getting it done, don't hesitate.


Everyone, meet Whitney. She has worn glasses most of her life. This is her LASIK adventure!

Dr. Eisner is great and I have full and total confidence in what he can do.


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