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Pentacam Anterior Chamber Mapping System

PentacamAnother important aspect of candidacy for LASIK centers on the general health of the cornea. Corneal topography is a method of measuring elevations and curvature on the surface of the human eye. These"topo" maps indicate healthy corneas but, more importantly, will also indicate problem spots or pathology which would be a contraindication for LASIK. Traditional topographers show the front surface of the cornea only. Pathology however can exist on the backside of the cornea and thus, a system which shows the front and the back would be ideal.

Enter the Pentacam Anterior Chamber Mapping System. The Pentacam utilizes a capture method called Sheimpflug Imagery, which shows Dr. Eisner a 3-D representation of both the front AND back sides of the cornea. The Pentacam scans and measures the entire cornea and the anterior chamber in less than 2 seconds, allowing Dr. Eisner to obtain and evaluate more comprehensive and precise information about your optical system than ever before.

In 2004, we introduced this technology to Middle Georgia. As a matter of a fact, the Eisner Laser Center was the 3rd LASIK practice in the United States to utilize this technology. Since that time, the Pentacam has quickly established itself head and shoulders above other existing topography technology. We were pleased to be one of only a very small number of refractive surgery practices in the WORLD that offered Pentacam mapping in the early days of the technology. Dr. Eisner's extensive experience with the Pentacam over the last four and half years allows him to make an even more confident determination of your candidacy. It is a very important part of the pre-operative process and therefore, all potential patients in this office receive a thorough Pentacam evaluation.