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For most people who haven't had LASIK yet it's not a question of "if' but "when". And, let's face it many of us are procrastinators by nature. But, people who put on glasses off having LASIK end up frustrated with the daily hassles of contacts and glasses.

So when you consider LASIK was approved over 15 years ago, and Dr. Eisner is the most experienced LASIK surgeon in the area, that nearly all of his nearsighted patients see 20/20 or better, and that Eisner Laser Center offers incredible special financing offers making LASIK more affordable than ever, you have to ask yourself… what are you waiting for?

Whether you are tired of the costs of glasses and contact, or just ready to wake up and start seeing, the time is now with Eisner Laser Center’s “Procrastination Appreciation” LASIK Event. It’s your chance to have Blade-Free Custom LASIK at Eisner Laser Center and save $1000 on your procedure.

So call today, not tomorrow, at (478) 405-2020 to see if you are a candidate and schedule your FREE LASIK consultation. You can also request one online!

Claim your special savings below and schedule your LASIK consultation today!