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Your Life Changing LASIK Procedure Day



It's finally here. It's the day you've been waiting years for. It's your Laser Vision Correction procedure. Honestly, there's not much for you to do other than show up. There are no food and drink restrictions prior to. Some of our afternoon patients work right up to the time of their surgery. There is no need to be here hours before your scheduled procedure. We will give you a time to show up and usually within about 20-30 minutes of your arrival, you're procedure will be started. Amazingly once you're in the laser suite, it only takes about 15 minutes to have both eyes treated.

What to expect in the laser suite

Actual ProcedureCan you guess what the most popular question from potential laser vision correction patients is? You got it. Does it hurt? For almost every patient the answer is a resounding NO! It is generally a painless procedure with a very quick recovery for most patients. There are no needles used; only a drop to numb the cornea to take away any pain sensation. Overall LASIK is a very easy process to be a patient in. The procedure works by reshaping corneal tissue layers just beneath the outer surface of the eye. Dr. Eisner will give you clear instruction throughout the procedure. You're only job is to lay still and follow directions. Don't worry about blinking. You won't be able to blink. Moving? Our Advanced CustomVue laser system is equipped with the most advanced 3-D tracking technology to make sure your eye is always in the right spot. For more specifics on what's happening in each step, see Our Technology.

Okay that was fun. Now what?

As soon as your procedure is completed, Dr. Eisner will examine your eyes in an exam room to confirm that everything looks good post-operatively. Now comes the fun part; taking a nap. It's the best thing you can do to speed your recovery along. Dr. Eisner prescribes a Valium to ensure that you get a nice, relaxing nap. Sleeping for 1-2 hours after your procedure will make a huge difference in your vision. It's normal to feel some degree of scratchiness until you go to sleep and let the natural tears and oils produced in the eye begin to smooth things over. You will need a driver to get you home.

What about my vision?

A Good NapPatience is a virtue. Many patients will see an improvement immediately after their procedure but for almost everyone, the visual recovery becomes more noticeable after 5-6 hours (and a good nap!). However, the next day is something to really look forward to.

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