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WaveScanThe first important step in the iLASIK procedure utilized Intralase Femtosecond Laser. The Intralase FS Laser System is a revolutionary technology that reduces the variability of flap creation with the manual microkeratome by using a computer-guided laser beam specifically designed for the corneal flap. There are two main advantages that have been shown thus far with Intralase:

Safety. Although no procedure or technology is completely free of risk, by replacing the traditional approach with a silent, tiny beam of laser light, the Intralase FS laser dramatically reduces the variability and potential risk of flap complication historically associated with the microkeratome, creating an obvious benefit for all LASIK patients. In fact, more patients may now be candidates for laser vision correction due to the increased level of precision that was previously unavailable.

Visual Outcomes. Because of the precision associated with the computer-guided beam and the consistency of flap dimensions, studies have shown and will continue to show that visual outcomes of LASIK, enriched with Intralase, exceed those of procedures performed with previous methods. At follow-up exams, patients prefer their vision and see better following laser vision correction with Intralase than with other technologies.

Intralase has become the KEY ingredient to predictably better vision. Dr. Eisner is proud to be in the select group of surgery centers nationwide that exclusively offer procedures performed with Intralase technology. It is also important to realize, though, that all technology is a tool in a surgeon's hand. It's important that technology is backed up with extensive experience. The Eisner Laser Center has had an Intralase FS Laser System onsite since 2004. We had one of the first 100 systems in the U.S. in 2006, our original laser was upgraded to the most advanced platform available in the U.S. Dr. Eisner offers Central Georgia the most advanced technology options, which, most importantly, are backed up with his experience of over 15,000 procedures performed.