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Twenty Things That Are Easier After LASIK

Created on: Friday, December 07, 2012

Life After LASIKIf you've been wearing glasses or contact lenses for most of your life, as many of our patients have, then you know that corrective eyewear can complicate daily activities. Your glasses and contact lenses may even prevent you from doing some of the things you'd otherwise love to do. Fortunately, LASIK surgery can eliminate your reliance on both contacts and glasses –at least most of the time (patients over 40 may still need reading glasses for near work). 

Think about it –what would life be like if you didn't have to fuss with your contact lenses? What fun things could you do if you weren't wearing glasses? Would some things be simpler? We think so! Consider these twenty activities that are definitely easier after LASIK.

1. Your morning routine – Showering, shaving, makeup… it's all easier!

2. Working out – No more sweat burning your contact-lens clad eyes.

3. Driving in inclement weather – After Lasik, you'll never drive with fogged lenses again.

4. Working on the computer – Blink all you want, or don't blink at all!

5. Grocery shopping – The grocer's air-conditioning won't dry out your contacts any longer.

6. Having a dental cleaning – No more glasses getting in the way.

7. Flying on an airplane – Forget those tiny bottles of lens solution.

8. Spending a day at the beach – Sand in your contact lenses? Never again!

9. Taking out the trash in a windstorm – Flying dirt and debris was a bad combination with contacts.

10. Riding your bicycle (or motorcycle) – Your helmet will fit better without glasses!

11. Hiking the trails – Another dirty situation made easier after LASIK.

12. Camping with friends – It no longer matters if you can't wash your hands.

13. Mud wrestling – No one wants to lose a contact lens in a mud pit.

14. Mud wrestling with a gator – No one wants to lose a contact lens and an arm in a mud pit.

15. Hunting a gator (and other tasty critters) – Shoot without glasses getting in the way of your sights.

16. Playing golf – Some professional golfers' games improved after LASIK.

17. Working in the garden – You won't lose your glasses in the dirt every time you bend over!

18. Mowing the lawn – If a gnat flies into your eye, you won't have to remove a contact to get him out.

19. Rescuing kittens from a burning building – Smoke and soot won't fog your lenses.

20. Your bedtime routine – Get to bed quicker without contacts!

In most cases, LASIK won't lengthen your lifespan. It won't get you out of paying taxes either. But it will simplify some activities and open up a world of others. If you've been thinking about laser vision correction, give Eisner Laser Center a call today.

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