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Is it Time for LASIK? Take This Quiz to Find Out.

Created on: Friday, December 07, 2012

LASIK QuizIf you're visiting our blog, you've probably thought about LASIK at one time or another. Is it time to do more than think about and actually take the first step to a life without contact lenses or glasses? Answer the following questions, then find your score below.

Question 1: How much have you spent on glasses, contacts and related expenses in the last twelve months (including eye exams, lens cleaner and rewetting drops)?

a) Less than $250

b) $250-$500

c) More than $500

Question 2: How many times have you ripped a contact or broken your glasses in the last twelve months?

a) Less than one time

b) One to two times

c) More than two times

Question 3: If you wear glasses, how many hours have spent searching for misplaced pairs in the last twelve months?

a) An hour or less

b) One to five hours

c) More than five hours

Question 4: If you wear contacts, how many minutes per day do you spend inserting, removing and cleaning them? Multiply this number by 365 to compute the time you spend annually.

a) Less than 1825 minutes (or 30 hours)
b) 1825 minutes to 3650 minutes (30 hours to 61 hours)

c) More than 3650 minutes

Question 5: How many times have your glasses or contacts prevented you from playing a sport or enjoying some other activity with friends in the last twelve months?

a) Never

b) One or two times

c) More than two times

Question 6: How often have your glasses or contacts distracted you at work or while driving in the last twelve months?

a) One or two times

b) Two to five times

c) More than five times

Award yourself one point for every answer of "a," two points for each "b," and three for each "c."

If your score is six or less, your glasses or contacts are a minimal inconvenience. While you may not find yourself thinking about life without corrective eyewear constantly, there are occasions when you might enjoy activities more without the hassle, minimal though it may be. Eisner Laser Center offers a free 30-minute consultation to new patients. It won't cost you anything to explore the benefits of LASIK surgery.

If your score is seven to 12, you find glasses and contacts moderately inconvenient. LASIK surgery will not only eliminate your need for corrective eyewear but also save you time and money in the long run. Call Eisner Laser Center today to schedule a free consultation in which we'll determine if LASIK is right for you.

If your score is 13 or more, glasses and contacts are costing you money, wasting your time, distracting you at work, interfering with your driving, and preventing you from enjoying life. It doesn't have to be this way! We encourage you to call Eisner Laser Center today to schedule your free consultation. In 30 minutes, you will know if LASIK is right for you. Take the first step and call now.

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