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If you’re 30 years old or younger, and are tired of the hassles of glasses and contacts, then it’s time to get serious about having LASIK! The sooner you have LASIK, the longer you’ll enjoy all the freedom that comes with it…not to mention all the money you’ll save not having to deal with glasses and contacts any longer!


Life’s too short to be unhappy with your vision, and with our experienced surgeon, Dr. Eisner, there’s no reason to wait any longer.

So, if you’re 30 years old or younger, have your FREE LASIK Consultation* during before August 31st, and take advantage of incredible 30% savings off Blade- Free Custom LASIK* plus 24 months 0% interest!†

It’s time to get serious about LASIK..and enjoy some serious savings! Don’t waste a lifetime of spending money on glasses and contacts – stop the cycle and launch your life with LASIK!

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